Cakey brownies

Yummy hot Cakey Brownies with ice cream

Yummy delicious¬†hot¬†cakey brownies with ice cream, anyone? yes please … ūüėÄ .I love the taste, the smell of chocolate specially dark one and any cake and cookies has chocolate like cakey brownies and chocolate chip cookies. These cakey brownies is¬†melt in¬†your mouth and appetizing. What‚Äės great about them? being¬†so simple and easy to bake. really […]

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Chocolate chip cookies

These Chocolate chip cookies are sooooo¬†irresistible,¬†ever since I tried them once,¬†it’s¬†hard to say no to them. OMG ‚Ķ just imagine fresh from oven Chocolate chip cookies with coffee or tea in¬†a¬†rainy cold afternoon of winter. I personally prefer my chocolate chip cookie to be a¬†bit soft furthermore chewy and huge. Also¬†to¬†get to¬†these yumminess I tried¬†so […]

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Easy Strawberry Puff Pastry

Strawberry Puff Pastry

I always looking for simple and yummy¬†dessert also an¬†effortless breakfast treat for weekends and holiday season. These 3 ingredient strawberry treat are¬†delicious¬†and mouthwatering, all you¬†need is¬†puff pastry sheets, sweetened condensed milk and fresh strawberries or bananas. Oh ya just imagine for next time I’ll bake it with Nutella. Strawberries and Nutella are so good together. […]

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