Iranian Beluga Caviar

On our last trip to Tehran, we bought the famous Iranian Beluga Caviar. The best quality caviar which is mostly found in the Caspian Sea. Caviar consists of eggs of female fish; sturgeon with color from pale grey to dark black.

Iranian Beluga Caviar

Caviar is a source of minerals and vitamins such as A, E, B6, B12 which boost your immune system.
I believe there are a few pleasures in life that are worth paying for at least once.

Iranian Beluga Caviar

How to Serve Caviar and Champagne:

And not eating it wrong way:

–  Caviar should be serve cold and NEVER freeze it.

–  Never use metal spoon, it ruined the taste. There is special pearl spoon for it or you can use ceramic spoon.

– Also it’s better to serve with crackers to enhance the flavor along with minced onion, shredded egg and butter.

– When it is open, serve the whole container as it spoils quickly.

When it comes to tasting caviar, the best way is to eat it alone, a small spoonful and take a scent. Do not chew it just try to mash eggs with your tongue, it has unique sea like explosion of flavors.

The good quality caviar does not have strong fishy smell as some people say.
Also we have a classic way of tasting caviar with crackers, which is with minced onion, shredded egg and butter.

Champagne and caviar are great pairing .

You may ask where the best place is to buy fresh and good quality Iranian Beluga Caviar…

One of the best places is duty free shop at Tehran’s International airport.


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  1. Thanks for the caviar eating tips! I didn't know any of these! The first time I tried Iranian Beluga Caviar was just recently in the Maldives. They had it as one of the toppings on their $200USD (!) pizza.

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